Missions Training Institute - MTI

Our missions training school, located in Matamoros, Mexico, is a three year, 3 Step program:

  • Step 1

    Training begins with Theological Bible Training and hands-on practical ministry. From day one students will study the Word of God, help lead home churches, minister in orphanages, do street evangelism and disciple others to follow Jesus.

  • Step 2

    Beginning in the second year, students are trained in cross cultural missions.  They travel to different ethnic groups in Mexico to minister the love of Jesus  During this step they continue with language training (including a foundation in Arabic). They also further their biblical studies.  Technical training is offered in fields such as carpentry, computers, baking, cosmetology, photography and videography.  Skills to be used when going into the mission field.

  • Step 3

    In the third year students intern on the mission field.  This is to confirm their call to cross-cultural missions.  They serve in the indigenous groups in Mexico under a local church, and other parts of the world where A Voice for the Nations has an established presence.