Reaching the Nations

A Voice for the Nations is a ministry based in the US and Mexico, dedicated to train and help support missionaries sent by the Latin American Church.  For over seventeen years, we have been equipping and sending more than 700 graduates into the mission field. 

We mobilize missionaries to places in the 10/40 Window (Inda, Pakistan, North & East Africa, Middle East, China, and South Asia), to Europe(Sweden, Spain, Germany, England & France), for church planting in the Latino Community in the United States,  and to ethnic groups in the heart of Mexico.

We also have a passion to bring relief to the war zones on the Arabian Peninsula and assist the refugees from those areas.  

There are several countries and refugees camps that we minister in but, for security measures, we cannot mention specific places.  If you would like to receive our newsletter which give more specific reports on all that God is doing.  Fill out our form below.

Missions Training Institute

For the past seventeen years, we have trained and sent to the field over 700 graduates. 

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Adventures in Missions

We are also partners with Adventures in Missions, Find out more here: 

Adventures in Missions